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Big Barbel – Darren Poole

Big Barbel – Darren Poole

Big Barbel – Darren Poole 5/5 (100%) 1 vote

At the start of the new season, the river levels across the country were clearly low. But, with the old River Lea at Fishers Green in Essex, this is the norm. Finding deep bowls and oxygenated areas are key at the river. Consequently, that’s exactly what I did. My bait dropper was locked and loaded with CC Moore Hemp and Krill and I was situated in a deep run swim with white foam on the surface.

I laid 7 bait droppers full down to the bottom on a dinnerplate size and then waited 30 mins or so for the light to fade. I then laid my 2ft long rig, which was complete with a 20mm Pacific Tuna boilie on the hair gently over the top.

I didn’t have to wait long before I started to receive heavy bangs on the rod tip. This revealed that barbel were present. It didn’t take long before the tip slammed round and I struck into a powerful specimen. The fish fought hard, hugging the bottom like a new Henry Hoover on carpet. Finally she surfaced and I slipped the net under a beauty of 14.1. I had to Baliff in the morning, so decided to call it a night and come back the next day.

I was wandering the banks checking tickets on the river, and once I had finished I was back in the swim same again proceeding to follow the same process – a baitdropper full of hemp and krill and then my hook baits – they absolutely love this stuff. I sat back in my chair and an hour soon passed. I fancied a tea so poured myself a cuppa. I must have sipped one mouthful of my tea and the tip flew out of the rest. Up went my tea, soaking my rucksack, and I quickly grabbed the rod. It felt like another good fish and to my delight I slipped the net under another double of 10.1.

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