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Beating The Crayfish – Sven Ole-Path

Beating The Crayfish – Sven Ole-Path

Beating The Crayfish – Sven Ole-Path 5/5 (100%) 2 votes

After a delightful summer chasing old North German commons at a local sandpit, I started my autumn/winter campaign on one of our tidal rivers.
I knew of a few rather large, rarley caught commons living there. But there was one big problem – crayfish and crabs! Tiger nuts seemed to be the only safe option. The first session earlier this month worked out as planned and I landed my first carp weighing in at a bit over 17,5 kg.
Consequently, I went there again last friday to catch perhaps another one.
What happend then was more than insane.
Due to the amount of tigers I baited up with over the whole time, driving hours every day just to bait up, crayfish and crabs infested the whole area.
They had somehow learned to crack up tigers and now started to feed on them. After two hours of fishing, I was sure I was fishing without bait on the other end of my line. Knowing this, I prepared hardened tiger nut boilies made out of CC Moore base ingredients including Roasted Peanut, Crunchy Kelp, CSL-powder and all the other goods,  My aim was to create a hook bait as close to a tiger nut as possible. After casting the rods I noticed no twitching on the line and no bleeps at all. A good sign my plan might have worked. After an eventless evening I went to bed. At 3:45 in the morning my right-hand rod pulled tight and I was playing something heavy. To cut a long story short, I landed my target fish scratching 45lb.

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