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Baden Hall Gold – Dan Ashmore

Baden Hall Gold – Dan Ashmore

Baden Hall Gold – Dan Ashmore 3/5 (60%) 2 votes

Arriving at the Quarry Lake on the Baden Hall complex, I had a decent choice of swims on the lake. I decided to jump into an area where I had caught from previously and with the wind due to change in my favour I thought this would give minimal disturbance in the swim. This didn’t turn out to be the case as the weed was up and having recently been cut it was causing me a few issues. After a few hours leading about, I found a small spot in-between a weed bed, just enough for two rods. After clipping up and setting the traps, I spodded out a good mix of CC Moore Odyssey XXX, Marine Amino Pellets, Frozen Snails, Bloodworm and a little hemp.

The weather played its part, switching as predicted which ended up hacking up my end of the lake. I knew that the hippos wouldn’t be long to follow it, so I skipped the rods in for a quick rig change and after a couple of casts the rods were set. I made a brew and watched the carp show, making their way towards me. I was praying for a bite. It didn’t take long before my right rod was away, but I soon realised it was a bream – a cracker though at over 13lb.

I thought that this was a good sign, as I knew the carp wouldn’t be far behind. I knew the spot was right, but after recasting I had a major frap up, having to pull a ball of weed in from 50 yards by hand then realising the line was ruined I respooled, wrapped up and banged the rod back out to the spot.

The wind eventually dropped off for a short while, revealing stacks of fish around my area taking fly hatches on top. I took a gamble and recast the rods on the spot, now knowing 100% they were in position. The spot felt much better with the leads feeling like they were landing on concrete, a couple more Spombs were added to refresh the swim.

A short while later and three bleeps soon got my attention. I looked and my line was tight, I knew it was a chunk as it shot off like a torpedo. I was fishing over three weed beds and was worried about picking the other rod up, so I threw it in the lake to make sure the line was sunk. The fish knew the score and was heading into the weed beds, doing sharp dives and dashes. After 10 mins or so I had picked up a huge ball of weed on the line and I was in danger of losing the fish. An easy decision, I jumped straight into the water up to my neck in my shorts and wellies, ripping the weed away from the line whilst trying to keep pressure on the fish. I managed to get most of the weed off and I could see a bar of gold still trying to escape, but after a short battle under my feet the carp came up on its side and I slid the net under her.

It was overwhelming and as I looked into the net I thought for a moment that it was the big girl, but as I weighed the fish I soon realised it was a smaller version of the big common.  She weighed in at a spawned out 36.5 and is one of the best looking fish I have ever caught. After all the hard work finding a spot and the dramas on the bank, the carp was more than enough reward and the battle was as good as it gets…. I’m back!!!

Dan Ashmore

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