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Ashmead Gold – Jake Wright

Ashmead Gold – Jake Wright

Ashmead Gold – Jake Wright 5/5 (100%) 1 vote

We arrived at ashmead on Friday 23rd, strolled a few laps and all chose areas in which we wanted to fish. I chose The Gallops due to a few big fish sunbathing in the weed, and mainly due to the area of the lake having four entrances and exits.

The area was extremely weedy, so I opted to get the rake out and make a small opening within the weed on the corner of one of the entrances. I chose to rake this area as I had noticed that the fish were using it as a patrol route to move from one channel to the other. I raked a hole in the weed roughly three feet in width leaving a few strands of weed in the hole not to make it too obvious, I also chucked the rake onto the weedbed behind the spot, to the left and right of the spot, to try and make two entrances as the weed was extremely dense. This was just to take the top foot off of the weed in hope of seeing the fish enter the spot.

I opted for a D-rig with an 18mm Pacific Tuna bottom bait, with a 12mm White NS1 on top to critically balance it. Due to the population of rudd, the rig would be picked up and moved constantly, therefore I wanted a stiff rig to make sure it was presented at all times.

I chucked 4 handfuls of washed out Tuna in 18mm and 15mm onto the spot after positioning the rig.

The next morning, I started noticing a few fish drifting on the surface behind the spot and as I walked up to it, they were using the entrances that I had raked. They were feeding heavily, I saw Petals, The Long Common, The Zip Linear (hasn’t been caught for 8 years).

Not long after, I had a severe liner, I noticed a few fish drift off, so I walked back to the brolly to make breakfast and come up with a plan. Literally, as soon as I flicked the stove on, the rod revealed a single beep, and for some reason, I knew it was a take, the indicator had jammed in between the roller and the rod, the rod was bent, reel screaming, I lifted into it, felt the initial weight before everything went solid. I called my mate Sam to help with the boat, I rowed out with the net, got to the weed bed and I could see the leader poking out the top of the weed bed. I lifted it slowly and the widest common I have ever seen rose and on the second attempt it went into the net, on the scales she went 39lb on the dot, a new PB, from an awesome lake.

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