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Anthony Kent: End of year blog

Anthony Kent: End of year blog

Anthony Kent: End of year blog 5/5 (100%) 1 vote

I thought it was about time I wrote a blog to let you know what I have been up too and what I have been catching in the second half the year. I will start of in august with a trip to France to a lake called Moulin de mee. When we arrived on the Saturday the weather was hot and the water level was exceptionally low.  The draw for swims was done and I opted for a swim with a slight deeper channel about 90 yards out.

I decided not to put the rods out for the first 24 hours and bait the channel with 5kg of live system and 10kg of shrimp pellet in the hope the fish would move from the pressured areas and find the bait. The plan worked a treat and soon after casting in I had a brace  of  upper 30’s the channel  was kept topped up every day  with 5kg of live system a jar of hot hemp and a good helping of pellets. By the end of the week I had 18 fish from the channel consisting of 4x 20s 13x 30s and a mid-forty with the other 3 lads having 15 fish between them.

After that France trip I was itching to get back on the track after the ultra-tricky golden dale common which took up the rest of august and most of September. I managed to catch a couple of the smaller old warriors then all of a sudden a change in ownership saw the fishing on the lake stopped so that was a bit of a blow after spending a year on there I was a loose end.

After a lot of sulking and looking round a number of the various club waters that I have at my disposal I came up with the theory of how many carp do I have to catch too prove to myself I can catch them so why not fish the most extreme lake at my disposal. The lake in question is a day ticket  80+ acre deep Cheshire mere with about 20 fish in there the fishing is limited to about 200 yards of bank on one side of the lake and there is no night fishing. The lake stock consists of the two largest carp in Cheshire one being the Cheshire record at 54lb.

The more I thought about it the better it sounded so a plan was hatched and I decided to spend the next few weeks there and try and learn as much as I could ready for the spring. By this point the wife was heavily pregnant and I had things to do at home in preparation for my second child so my normal 2 days a week fishing had been reduced to one.

Having not seen the lake before I did not know what to expect I arrived at the lake nice and early and waited for the gates to open at 7am. The gates finally opened and to my surprise there was no other anglers waiting. I quickly dropped my tackle on fishing bank and parked up in the designated area. As I started the 500yard walk back to my tackle the mist started to lift and I got my first look of the lake it looked amazing and not an angler in sight. In fact throughout the month I fish there about 6 times and only ever meet one other angler and he was a roach angler I had found my own piece of heaven roll on spring.

2nd November and daughter number two was born and it was time put the rods away for a bit and have a few weeks bonding with my new arrival. The next time I got the rods out was for two short day trips at the end of December just to a local runs water and had a few nice scaly doubles for my efforts. I also did a sneaky guesting session on golden dale and managed  a fantastic 26lb. thanks for reading  and in my next blog at the start of summer in might have had a bit of luck on my Cheshire mere.

Tight lines  A.Kent

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