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Andy Edwards – Capture of ‘Kev’s Linear’

Andy Edwards – Capture of ‘Kev’s Linear’

Andy Edwards – Capture of ‘Kev’s Linear’ 4.5/5 (90%) 4 votes

Well you said it would happen eventually and of course it did, I GOT ONE!

I turned up on another Sunday to find 16 lads on the bank! Rammed, but of course most of them were going home so it became a case of finding out who was going and who wasn’t.

Luckily for me 12 of them were doing ‘the off’ which suddenly opened up the whole lake. One of the lads had had a couple of 30′s to 39lb and a bloke opposite had a 35lb common and both were going home (albeit reluctantly) so either of those pegs looked promising; the only downside being that they both caught at 135-160yds range, which I just don’t like. This sort of distance is well out of my comfort range and is all about ‘dropping’ (getting the rig on a clear spot), which I have done at times, because sometimes it’s the spots at range which are the only areas that produce bites.

On this occasion I was chatting to a lad in a swim known as ‘Island Point’ and he’d seen lots of fish out in front of him but had caught nothing. After some consideration and also hearing that he hadn’t over-baited I decided to get in there pretty pronto.

Initially I went out in the boat with the Aquascope to get a good look at the underwater conditions out there. I quickly found the spots that he had baited and saw about 3kg of bait sat there happily doing nothing other than being ignored by any fish in the area! So knowing this and that a new south-westerly wind was on its way the next day, I set my traps at about 45yds across the swim as the new wind would cut right across it.

At 10.30 the next morning the left hand rod was away!!

There’s nothing quite like the first run on a new water for getting the old ticker going and I’d worked very hard for this bite; for a few seconds I ran around like a complete headless chicken and instead of getting the chesties on I got the wellies on and waded out after my prize…Wrong!

The first run went straight through the other 3 rods and into a bay to my right………………… and that water was cold! Anyway following a 20 minute battle of strength and wills the fish finally rolled into my net. Initially I thought that it was a big 30 but as I tried to lift it to a mate on the bank I suddenly realised that it was heavier than that…a lot heavier than that!!

It was a fish known as ‘Kevs Linear’ and spun the scales around to 44lb 4oz; its biggest ever weight!! GET IN!!

I caught it on my faithful ‘Multi-Rig’, complete with a 14mm Live System boilie tipped off with a whittled down Live System Cork Ball pop-Up. This had been fished at 45yds on a silty area between weed beds which had been peppered with about 30 baits put out with a throwing stick.

Andy Edwards

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