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A Week To Remember – Gav Walding

A Week To Remember – Gav Walding

A Week To Remember – Gav Walding 5/5 (100%) 1 vote

Big, gnarly mirrors are getting scarce in the Nene Valley and particularly on my syndicate water. So when I slipped the net under this incredible mirror, it really did blow me away. My PB mirror had stood for nearly 15 years and at 36.6 I had finally broken it. After a tricky few weeks, seeing loads of fish show with no go, I was finally rewarded. I had been baiting a certain area of the lake with the legendary Odyssey XXX and presented a matching corkball on a choddy over the top.

After my mirror Saturday morning, I went straight home, had a couple of hours indoors and but soon had itchy feet. With the water bottle filled, I was off to a new lake, Bluebells Kingfisher to see if I could squeeze between the weekend hustle. I found some fish under a snag in the edge and so baited with bit of XXX chops followed by a whittled down matching wafter.

First thing in the morning, I received the run from hell. It had me fighting the rod and waders, as I got battered among the trees. A common of 34.8 was the end result and I was well happy!

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