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A Trio Of 30′s – Leon Sprague

A Trio Of 30′s – Leon Sprague

A Trio Of 30′s – Leon Sprague 5/5 (100%) 1 vote

Arriving at Riverton Road Lake Thursday morning with only two other people on, I was quickly out the van to do a couple of laps of the lake. With no signs of any fish, I opted for a corner swim that had a nice warm wind blowing into it. This swim was also out the way of the other anglers. This was a swim I had fished once before and from the moment I set up everything felt right.

I had three spots written down and after a couple of casts with a plain lead I was still happy with the spots. As I was fishing for three nights, I decided to give each spot some bait. I would be fishing with Pacific Tuna that I had soaked in Tuna L030. I baited my right hand rod with two kilos of 10mm Pacific Tuna and the other two rods were baited with a kilo each of 15mm Pacific Tuna.

Things were looking really good and it was just a case of playing the waiting game. Normally, the fish take a good 24hrs to get on the bait, but within an hour my left hand rod was away. After a good fight, I had a nice, dark mirror in the net which went 22lb 6oz. With the rod back out on the spot and a top up of bait I didn’t have to wait long before the same rod was away again resulting in a 17lb mirror. With everything sorted, I went into the night feeling really confident. I set my alarm for 5am, so I was up nice and early to watch the lake. With an uneventful night I left my rods out and planned on leaving them out till late afternoon. My next chance came just after lunch and my middle rod was away. This felt a much better fish and I was over the moon when I landed a nice 29lb mirror.

This was my only chance that day. I recast and baited all three spots for the night and I got an early nights sleep. Once again, I had a good nights sleep and I got up early to watch the lake. As soon as daylight had broken, I could see the fish had moved in on my right hand spot. The fish were fizzing, rolling and clouding up the bottom and I knew it was only a matter of time before the rod rattled off. After two hours of watching this and still no takes I started to think something must be wrong with my rig. I was just about to recast and the rod was away. This fish stayed deep and plodded along. I knew from the start it was a better fish.

After a good fight and some heart stopping moments, I had a big common in the net. The common weighing in at 31lb. I called the owner of the lake Carl. He came down to witness and verify the fish which turned out to be one of the Lemington commons. This fish hadn’t been out for two years and was at a top weight. This was my first 30lb common from the lake and my trip was well and truly made.

With the excitement over, I got some fresh bait on and noticed the fish were still feeding on the spot. I cast past the fish and wound my rig back over them and lowered it down as quietly as possible. A couple of hours passed and the feeding had stopped, so I decided to get some bait ready to put out. I turned around to pick my spod rod up and the line pulled up tight on the same rod and it was away. At first the fish didn’t feel very big, it was tearing around and acting like a smaller fish. Carl the owner was there to net the fish for me. We both couldn’t believe it when a big framed common popped up and was in the net. This was a fish known as The Top Patch common and had been out a while back at just over 32lb. We weighed the fish and it went 31lb 8oz. I was blown away with a brace of 30lb commons. Definitely the best brace of fish I have ever had in the UK and from Devon where we are not overly spoilt with big fish lakes, made it even more special.

With the trip already being a trip of a life time I didn’t expect much more to happen. No sooner had I sat down and started to cook some food my left had rod was away. After another cracking fight I had a mirror of 25lb 12oz.

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