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A Social To Remember – Sam Mee

A Social To Remember – Sam Mee

A Social To Remember – Sam Mee 5/5 (100%) 1 vote

I had a trip booked with a friend to do a guest on a syndicate he was on and it’s somewhere I have wanted to fish for sometime.

We arrived down at the park relatively early on the Friday morning and there was nobody on the venue. After a quick scout and a couple laps, we had seen a fair amount of fish so we decide to set up in two swims close to see if we could try our luck for them.

Early on that evening, the fish we seriously active in front of us and also to the side. At 10 o’clock, my friend had one which was a good sign that they were up for a feed. The night went on and the rain began just after that fish. I climbed into bed with the noise of carp showing, which is always a nice confidence booster.

At 5:30am my right hand rod received a couple bleeps, so I got up to and the line had picked up and was creeping away. A slow and steady fight revealed a deeply set common, and soon she was in the net, I was amazed!

After weighing her at 41lb, I quickly got the rod back out and the fish continued to show. I was fishing the Live System soaked in Roasted Nut Extract with wafters over the top and they were on it as shortly afterwards I was in again – this time a 33lb 6oz common.

My first ever session on the venue I’ve spent countless hours there to see friends over the last couple of years. Was lovely to be able to fish it!

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