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A New PB – Harry Pratt

A New PB – Harry Pratt

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It has been a month since the season started on my local syndicate and it is safe to say making the move onto CC Moore has definitely been worthwhile! Within the first few days of the season, I got the ball rolling with a couple of 20lb+ commons and a mint 34lb original linear. Since then, I’ve managed to slide my net under a couple more Weststow crackers as well as having a busy night on a local day ticket after the syndicate shut to allow the fish to spawn in peace.

Going back to the second week of the season, I ventured to Weststow in the hope of another quick bite after having a 25lb common within just minutes during an overnighter the week before and a quick bite was exactly what I got! Once again, a Dairy Supreme pop-up positioned tight to an island I had seen the fish patrolling around was picked up foolishly by a Stow carp. Instantly, something didn’t feel right and as the fish had kited around the island margin it had my line grating along a nasty submerged snag and before I knew it I’d been cut off. Unfortunately, there are several snags in Weststow that are simply too big to remove, all of which I try to avoid but this one in particular wasn’t on my radar and that ended up being my only bite of the night.
My next trip down was another overnight session and upon my arrival after work, the fish certainly weren’t shy in giving their location away! I was soon set up and with fish after fish crashing in the vicinity of the lake I was angling in I was feeling confident of a bite, if not before dark, then at first light. I set an alarm on my phone for 3am, just before first light as I wanted to reposition the rods on a spot that I felt would be more likely of a bite early morning, as well as putting a couple of fresh Dairy Supreme hook baits into the pond and top the free baits up with an extra 3/4 pouches of the Pacific Tuna!
6am arrived and I was awoken by a drop back on the left hand rod. Upon hooking into what felt like a good fish, which continued to torment me in the shallow margins, a chunky common rolled and managed to tangle my line around an old branch just a few meters from the bank. This left me no option but to strip down to my boxers, and free the line.
Luckily, the line held for the final duration of the fight and sure enough it was a chunky common! The fish ended up slightly breaking my UK PB common by a few ounces at 28lb 4oz, so I was made up!
I wasted no time in getting the rod back out and with it still being early I was extremely confided of another bite. Around 30 minutes later, the bobbin pulled up tight so I lifted into it, however nothing was attached on the business end. I instantly recast the rod and literally seconds after clipping the bobbin on it suddenly pulled up tight again. I closely watched the line where it entered the water and could clearly see it cutting through the water heading right. This time, when I lifted the rod up, it hooped over and I was in battle once again. The culprit this time being one of Weststows characters, a “Blackeye” common at 24lb 6oz. Not a bad brace at all for a nights work and I managed to drag the morning out for an extra hour or so but to no avail.
Soon after my brace of commons, the lake temporarily shut to allow the fish to spawn in peace so I was forced to get my carping kicks elsewhere. I decided to take the opportunity to head back to a day ticket venue I’ve fished on and off since the age of 7. It’s a complex of 6 lakes and really does have something for everyone.
A few of the lads from work decided to join me for a social so we all headed for one end of the lake before laying down the bets for first fish. I soon lost one due to a hook pull, which gave the lads confidence that they were in with a chance, but a few moments after, I landed a 19lb common just to dampen their spirits slightly!
Things went quiet for everyone until about 11pm when a rod I was fishing just off some reeds in shallow water came to life with a mid-double mirror, and soon after tore away again with a 20lb common. Other than another lost fish, the session died a death with the majority of the stock following the wind to the far end of the lake. All of my bites came on Pacific Tuna wafters fished over a small bed of crumbed Tuna and a mix of particles.
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