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50 UK Linear – David Gaskin

50 UK Linear – David Gaskin

50 UK Linear – David Gaskin 2.7/5 (53%) 3 votes

I arrived at Wellington Country Park mid afternoon, which was a bit of a nuisance because it meant that the morning arrivals had filled the main swims up leaving me with a restricted choice of swims. I opted for the last main swim called The Grassy which fished the end of the island where I had experienced success the previous session a few weeks back.

I blasted out singles because there was a strong possibility of a move in the morning when other swims came free. Within an hour of casting out, a carp had taken a liking to my CC Moore Northern Special on the sunny island margin and I was doing battle with the first carp of the session. It turned out to be a football-shaped ghostie of 45lb 8oz, not the most desirable carp the lake has to offer but an excellent start to the session.

The next morning saw me move into the swim next door where I felt more confident because I could fish previously productive spots that I was sure the carp were regularly visiting. I cast out singles again on a really simple setup, which consisted of a Ronnie rig including the new Gardner Invisilink as a boom with a 12mm Northern Special as hook bait once again.

Shortly after casting, another quick bite occurred. A scrappy battle resulted in a typically angry common of 24lb on the bank. After this, I decided to put a kilo of Odyssey XXX boilies on a couple of spots to fish them through the night. The theory being that the fish had the whole day to get confident on the spots.

The plan couldn’t have worked better! Just before dark, I put fresh rigs on the new spots and again it didn’t take long before one of my rods was in meltdown. As I ran to my rod, I performed a face-palm cross summersault losing a trainer in the process. Stumbling about with one shoe and mud in my eye, I got control of the fish and instantly felt a much more powerful creature on the end. After a lengthy fight, a huge common rolled into the net, it was certainly one of the A team, it turned out to be the small-tailed common at 51lb – an infrequent visitor to the bank and a new fish for me, so I was over the moon.

I baited up the following morning with the intention of leaving the swim free of commotion for the rest of the session. It wasn’t until 2am when another sprightly common of 32lb 4oz had taken a liking to XXX. It was mild at this point, so I was confident of another bite before leaving in the morning. I repositioned the rod and was woken up at first light to the little ATTS in meltdown. It felt like an age to get the fish in because it seemed to hold its ground and just waddle in. The size 4 Covert Dark Mugga held firm as always and I knew exactly what carp it was as it rolled over the net cord. It was The Linear, a fish that was at the very top of my wishlist.  With a fish like this, size was irrelevant but at 50lb 6oz it certainly made the capture even more special.

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