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3 Top Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Boilies by Alex Grice

3 Top Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Boilies by Alex Grice

3 Top Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Boilies by Alex Grice 4.7/5 (93%) 3 votes

With more and more anglers on the bank it is becoming increasingly important to differentiate your baits from the other free offerings available, Alex Grice has told us his 3 top tips for making your boilies stand out on busy waters.

Add Some Liquid

Adding a liquid food to your boilies will dramatically increase their pulling power, this is because once all the liquid has been absorbed into the boilie it will instantly start leaking attraction into the water column as soon as the boilie is introduced because liquids are super soluble.

This can easily be done in two ways, firstly adding a small amount of liquid to your frozen boilies will mean when they thaw out all the liquid will be drawn in, ensure that the liquid is evenly dispersed over the baits.

Secondly, air drying your boilies will remove the moisture from the bait and cause them to shrink in size, rehydrating the air dried baits by adding liquid will pack them with attraction which will be readily taken into the bait in the form of liquids.

Adding a liquid to your boilies will in no doubt increase the attraction levels and will add another dimension that many anglers don’t do.

Coat Them With Powders

CCMoore offer a wide range of super attractive powders that can add huge amounts of attraction to your boilies.

Dusting baits with powders forms a thin coat of attraction on any bait and works especially well with boilies. It’s always best to dust bait when they are fresh out the freezer or after liquids have been applied in order for the powders to stick to the bait, once the bait is immersed in water with their powder coating there will be instant food signals coming from the powder coating.

My two favourite powders for adding attraction to boilies are Feedstim Powder and GLM Powder, both are super attractive to fish and are guaranteed to add more pulling power to your boilies, give it a go!

Mix Up The Sizes: Keep ‘em Guessing

It’s a simple way of getting more from your boilies but often well underused, a lot of anglers tend to stick to one bait size, one hookbait size and one type of bait when it comes to using boilies.

Varying the size of your bait is a huge edge and makes it alot harder for the fish to single out hookbaits and to be more cautious when approaching big beds of the same sized bait. I use the Odyssey XXX in 3 sizes when fishing to add a great dimension to my baiting approach, using 10, 15 and 18mm baits gives me a huge edge and I’m sure it makes the fish alot easier to catch by creating a varied situation whereby the fish cannot single out baits they are being caught on.

Similarly to your loose feed boilies it’s great to alternate the size of your hookbaits and try different sizes of baits as hookbaits. Don’t just fish round baits either add chops, halves or crumbed boilies to your baiting armoury to add more attraction and pulling power from your boilies.

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