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1st Night On Moore’s – Harry Pratt

1st Night On Moore’s – Harry Pratt

1st Night On Moore’s – Harry Pratt 3.8/5 (75%) 4 votes

After getting of the mark, just 54 minutes into the season starting at West Stow with a lovely 22lb 8oz chestnut Common, I returned a couple of days later for an overnighter in-between work expecting the lake to be busy, however I was extremely surprised to see just 5 other anglers fishing. After a good look round and a couple of swim changes I managed to drop into a swim next to my mate Lee. With fish definitely in front of the peg I was feeling extremely confident, especially after getting my hands on the Dairy Supreme pop-ups from CC Moore! The 13mm/14mm pop-ups had no problem holding up a size 6 Arma Point SR hook, straight out of the packet which is my hook of choice for the awesome hinged stiff rig, my boom of choice was 25lb Camotex semi stiff.

My barrow was almost totally loaded ready to head to work, when the morning got off to a great start after a text from Lee wanting pictures done of a cracking low 20 mirror. No sooner had I turned on his camera and my receiver signalled a bite. After coming in like a dog on a lead, the fish made it over the marginal shelf and in the clear water I could clearly see it was a chunky linear. Sure enough at this point the fish decided to take some line and tried to get its own back! Shortly after, she sunk into the bottom of my net and instantly it hit home just what I had landed, the biggest linear in the lake. I was absolutely buzzing to catch my first West Stow 30 at 34lb exactly, and to have it on the new bait as well was a massive boost and a great start. Safe to say I went to work one happy lad!
Upon my return later that day with a second overnighter on the cards, there was a lot more angling pressure with it being a Friday, and I had just a couple of swims to pick from, not ideal but it certainly didn’t dampen my mood, still on a high from the fish that morning. Rods straight out using the same tactics as the previous night, I hadn’t even got round to setting my net up before the rod I positioned between two islands tore into life. It turned out to be the lakes “perfect common” at a healthy weight of 25lb 2oz. What a way to start the season!
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