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10 Carping Tips for Spring by Sam Bascombe

10 Carping Tips for Spring by Sam Bascombe

10 Carping Tips for Spring by Sam Bascombe 2.5/5 (50%) 6 votes

March, April and May are some of the finest months to get a bite and to many this time of year is the pinnacle of carp fishing in the UK. Sam Bascombe loves his Spring fishing and has had some amazing results, he has kindly given us his top 10 tips for catching that monster in Spring:

1. Temperature plays a huge part at this time of year as the weather can be somewhat inconsistent even short spells of high pressure can put the fish back to their winter slumber so obviously weather plays a major part.

2. Snags and reed beds are always worth checking as carp will be visiting these areas once they wake up so always keep a close eye on these areas of the lake and look for carp patrolling the margins.

3. Choice of bait can be tricky depending on the temperatures, fish meals aren’t always the best option. I’ve found tiger nuts to be a good bet if the conditions aren’t great.

4. Hi Viz hook baits are essential in my opinion and will always have at least one if not all rods with some sort of visual aspect to them.

5. Spring fishing can be very unpredictable, make sure you have plenty of bait with you even if you’re on a short trip if it kicks of you want to make the most of the opportunity.

6. Pop ups are my chosen choice for all my fishing but even more so at this time of year with the debris that have collected on the bottom over the winter months you need to be sure your fishing 100% effectively.

7. If you haven’t done so already make sure to check your main line for any damage or better still re spool with fresh new line.

8. Scaling down your end tackle can also encourage extra bites, there’s no need for brute tactics as the weed shouldn’t be that thick as its just beginning to grow again.

9. As it starts to get warmer pre-baiting will give you massive benefits, getting the carp used to eating your bait can only be a good thing for the coming season and it doesn’t have to be a lot either 30 baits every couple of days is enough.

10. Make sure you have plenty of hot food and drinks and a spare change of clothes, if you get cold or wet your less likely to fish as effectively.

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